Something New: Video Color Correction


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Today’s post is the first in a series about something new I’ve learned this week.

I’ve been a frequent visitor to Izzy Video for over a year now and relatively recently became a full fledged Mastery Group Member. One of my renewed creative pursuits is videography and editing.

Color Correction

I spent last week taking Izzy’s latest course on Color Correction in Final Cut Pro.  Even if you have been working with Final Cut Pro for a while, using and understanding all the color correction filters, effects and features may be something you have skipped over or haven’t had time to learn.

The new color correction course is awesome.  Izzy demonstrates the basic color correction techniques before plunging into more advanced topics including blending, masking and setting up your own presets that can be used on different clips or even completely separate projects.  I love Izzy’s training style.  He doesn’t just show you how to use the tools but weaves the whys and whens of an experienced editor so you can also understand the thought process in play with each color adjustment.

If you have been looking to add Color a Correction skills to your digital editing bag of tricks, I highly recommend checking out this course. Even if you don’t use Final Cut Pro, many of the skills will likely cross over to other editing software.  I even learned a few things that I am certain can translate to photo editing, too.

How I Found Izzy

I’ve been creating the annual fundraising video for the animal rescue where my wife works for the past couple of years.  I used Final Cut Express years ago and various versions of iMovie more recently.  For last year’s video, I made the leap to professional software.  I wanted finer control and added flexibility so I could produce a more professional and engaging final product.

Although I’ve had a decent amount of experience with digital editing, I needed a quick course to familiarize myself with Final Cut Pro.  That’s when I discovered Izzy Video.

Izzy offers a free Basic Final Cut Pro course covering everything from understanding the interface to exporting your final project in thirty-six video clips spanning over two and a half hours.  The intro course got me up to speed enough to complete my project while showing me there was so much more to learn.

If you have a chance to jump over to Izzy’s site, check out all his course offerings and his blog.  Occasionally he will offer a new course that includes both prerecorded clips as well as a couple live workshops where you can complete the project along side Izzy while having your questions answered live.  If you cannot make the live sessions, he provides recorded versions so you can follow long on your own schedule.  I loved his Intro to Motion Course and hope he offers an Advanced Motion course soon.

If you want to learn more about Final Cut, Motion or digital editing in general, I encourage you check out Izzy Video.  If you have other sources for digital editing training, I’d love to read your recommendations in the comments section.

If you are interested in the senior pet rescue I mentioned above, please visit Young At Heart Senior Pet Adoptions at  The video I produced last year, There’s No Place Like Home, can be found on Young At Heart’s YouTube page


I have no relationship with and have not been compensated in any way from Izzy Video. I just love the work he is doing.