Why Midlife Creativity


I started Midlife Creativity because I needed a place to be more creativity than I could be in my career and busy home life. I missed my creative side which I mostly forced to the back of my personality since graduating from college. Recently, I longed to express my creative side which re-emerged through writing, something I never explored much in my younger days. I could feel it growing inside me. It was something I yearned to do.


My creative path through life stemmed from being a child of the 70s, a teen of the 80s and emerging into adulthood in the 90s. As a child creativity was ingrained in me. Parents and teachers encouraged our imaginations, exploration, and questions. They left us to figure out life by being kids. We had some responsibilities, but nothing like what you see with some kids today. We were kids, and we acted like it.
Moving into the teen years, the world changed around us. It became more of a push to discover what career you wanted followed by years of studying to make your career choice a reality. The pressure was on to be more successful than your family before you. I never felt that pressure from my family but in many respects I felt it from my peers, teachers and other grown-ups.
In college, even creative subjects were about turning these skills into a career. As a film/television major it didn’t seem like the best way to develop creativity in society. Luckily this approach has changed in the twenty-five years since I graduated. My focus at the time, from the pressure I felt to build a career, had always been on the business side of film. I used my creative side for the required individual and group projects, but, looking back, I never expressed it to its full potential at the time.

What is Midlife Creativity?

Everyone needs creative outlets. Life cannot be all work and responsibilities. Creativity is fun. It’s new. It’s originating. It’s problem solving. Creativity is too many things to name but emerges through your passions and your interests. It’s vital to a well rounded life regardless of how you personally express your own creativity.
“Midlife” means accepting that no matter your current stage in life, whether you’re twenty-something or ninety-something, you can always reignite your creative spark. Forget that you may have pushed creativity out of your life due to time and other commitments. The time is now to take it back.
I don’t think of “midlife” as a midpoint in time. I think of “midlife” as a turning point, a fork in life’s road. It is here where we make a choice to commit some of the time in our busy schedules to develop, grow and learn new or old creative pursuits, giving them the time they deserve.

Which fork will I take?

I’ve committed myself to the several creative pursuits; probably too many to take on at one time but they have all become my passions—writing, coding, videography and photography. Who knows what I may take up next year.
I have two main goals for this blog. First, to scream to the world that it doesn’t matter when you begin or restart your creative journey. What matters is that you take that first step and every step thereafter to create the best work you can.
Second, to develop a creative community. Creativity can be lonely. We create within ourselves before putting the ideas to canvas, paper, clay, or the pixels of an electronic device. Having a community to support and provide feedback before releasing our work into the world can make all the difference to one’s success. Midlife Creativity can be such a community by helping each other experience the freeing sensation of letting our work out into the world where it can have an impact others.
I want this site to be a beacon of hope for those who need to express their creative side but feel it may be too late. It’s never too late to do what you want in life. Pick up your pen, brush or stylus. Turn to a blank page in a notebook, open a laptop, set up your tripod or place a canvas on an easel. You’re Ready. You’re Set. Now Go! Be creative.

Will you join me on this journey? What creative pursuits ignite your passions and what new ones have you longed to learn?

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