Three Steps to Prioritizing Your Writing

I have been struggling with the same issues as Monique Hall and am putting the final touches on my own plan to make writing a priority. Stay tuned for my multi-part blog post on how all of the various writing projects I yearn to undertake can fit into my life. In the meantime, enjoy Monique’s personal approach to prioritizing her writing.

A Writer's Path

by Monique Hall

When I sat down to write this blog entry, it was going to have a different title. I started listing all the reasons why it’s been nine months since my last post, why I failed to cling on to the enthusiastic optimism I found at last year’s RWA conference and why I have not achieved even a tiny portion of the goals I set for myself.

And then I hit the delete key because I’m sick of listening to my own excuses, so why on earth would I want to bore you with them all. We all have shit going on and I need to get over myself. We both know it.

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